Why Is the UPSC Exam So Tough: Truth Revealed

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Every IAS aspirant knows that CSE is a tough nut to crack. Even those who never desired to sit for the civil services exam are aware of the fact. Yet, few have ever questioned why the competitive exam is so hard, which is a profound failure. Once you know what makes something difficult and demanding, it becomes easier to sail through it. Given below are some of the aspects that make the IAS exam a challenge.

The competition is fierce

Each year lakhs of people register for the UPSC exam while the final rank list consists of only 1000 people. When you calculate the odds, they come out to be very, very steep. To be more precise, only 25% of candidates clear the first phase to reach the second. Only 15% of those make it to the third and final stage of the test. 50% of the aspirants who reach the final phase make it to the ranks of IAS officer. 

When considered overall, only 1% of IAS aspirants pass the test. It is this disbalance between the number of candidates sitting for the exam and the number of seats actually available that make the exam so hard to pass. 

The three levels of hierarchy.

It is not just exodus of aspirants that make the competitive exam challenging; it is also the exam pattern. There are three stages in the exam – The Prelims, The Mains and Interview. A candidate has to clear each stage to move on to the next, which makes it harder to reach the final one. Moreover, the level of difficulty increases with each phase passed. 

While many believe that passing the Prelims and Mains is the hard part, it is not valid. The board interview phase tests your personality and skill to think through various situations; it takes more effort to pass it than others. 

The syllabus is vast.

The curriculum covered by the IAS exam encompasses a plethora of subjects. Unlike most other competitive tests that focus on one or two subjects only, the civil services examination includes a diverse number. Studying every topic under every subject is a near-impossible task which makes passing the exam harder. 

The immense time for preparation.

Considering the vast syllabus, it requires a long time to prepare every topic for the exam. Typically, a person will need one year to study well for the IAS exam, though the time can oscillate from 10 months to 1.5 years also. Since very few people can stay focused for such a long span of time, it makes preparing well for the test challenging.

Now that it is clear why the UPSC conducted exam is a tough nut to crack, one can move on to preparing a strategy. Yes, when you focus on the right direction and the correct approach, even this formidable exam is surmountable! So, how do you go about passing the test with flying colours? First, you search for Top IAS Coaching Centres in ChennaiThese institutes are bulwarks against the tide of the civil services exam. They help hone a candidate’s mental, physical and emotional skills. 

How do you find the Best IAS Coaching CentreTry taking a few trial classes. The best fit for you may not be the best fit for another person. But a reliable coaching institute will be one that not only caters to studies but also emotional wellbeing. The competitive exam takes a significant toll on the mind of the aspirant when you have mentors and counsellors to buck you up on hard days, passing the test becomes more natural.

Lastly, understand that luck plays a small role in the competitive exam. At times, even a 0.3 difference in marks lowers your rank considerably. It means while you may have given it your 110% to the exam, luck was not playing in your hands. In such circumstances, do not be disheartened. All it requires is a second try and success will be yours. Remember, the IAS exam may be a formidable opponent, but it is not undefeatable. With the right formula of luck, effort and skill, you can surpass it.