Main e-learning platforms in the world

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Technology brought a lot of shifts in education and the pandemic helped enhanced it. Online learning platforms have now taken over in most countries of the world. Both students and workers gain more knowledge and skills on these platforms.

If you want to learn with an e-learning platform, you would have to buy some electronics such as a computer and smartphone that you will use to take your classes, exams and other requirements for the course. Hence, it is wise to read online reviews about brands to know the brand of electronics that are reliable and which models to buy. You will further need read online electronic stores reviews to know the right store to buy the model of electronic you need from. Here are some of the eLearning platforms in the world:


Udemy has over 20,000 experts in different subject matters providing knowledge to the majority of people around the world. It has succeeded in largely democratizing the educational ecosystem. It uses a lot of content creation tools such as PowerPoint, PDF documents, etc. to create courses. Instructors use this platform for free but Udemy makes money by taking half of the money the instructors made. Over 12 million students use this platform. However, instructors are not given full freedom over their courses.



Teachable has over 3 million students, 20,000 courses, and 7500 instructors. This platform is not free to use for instructors, but in return, the instructors have control over the pricing and branding of their courses. Also, they have the opportunity to know more about their students, unlike Udemy. It also provides a free learning guide on how to create courses and videos, present slides, etc.


This is another established platform in the online learning industry. it is a teaching software that is popularly used to deliver on-demand and live webinars. It has features such as slides, audio, video, etc. It is easy to create and publish courses on this platform, which is why it is common among those who create academic courses. It also has different plug-ins for other learning management software.


Educadium is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses create, publish and profit from online course creation. The features are very wide from course publishing to designing, etc. While there is a trial version, it has different subscription packages you can choose from.

Academy of Mine

This platform allows you to start an online academy. It has a lot of solutions for those looking to save time while building their online academy. The interface is user-friendly but the learning curve is steep. The more you climb up the learning curve, the more features you can leverage.


CourseCraft helps you to turn your blog into a profitable online course. It has a simple, powerful, and flexible editor that you can use to create different types of courses. You can include quizzes, forums, and lessons in your videos in a matter of seconds. Your students can also work with their friends and you to create an ecosystem. The branding features are great and you can run discounts.


Skillshare helps instructors to make as much money as possible from their videos. Every course on the platform contains both video and class projects. The duration of the videos is short, which makes for better understanding and engagement. Skillshare has a partner program people can make money from but there are certain conditions to meet. However, to access the full videos on Skillshare, you have to pay for them.