Improving Your Study Place for Better Grades

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There are many ways to improve your grades. Most of which include putting in the effort to read, recall and memorize.

However, did you know that you can build on your grades by improving your study place?

Yes. Research has shown that there is a link between your study space and the outcome productivity.

Such that the more conducive your environment is, the more likely you’re going to get better results.

This forms the basis of our article today. We’re going to look at some of the benefits of a good study area and what you can do to improve your own space.

Choosing the right chair

A good study place helps to boost concentration

Coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to study from home. Because of this, we are constantly distracted by other activities aside from school-related.

The most common one being constant interruption by family members.

We’ve seen those funny videos surfacing the internet where children, pets, or spouses interrupt meetings, interviews, and classes.  Sometimes it can even be by our thoughts.

What then makes an ideal study environment?

Quiet place

You can start improving your study space by relocating to a quiet room or space in your house.

If you have an office, that should do quite fine. If not, you can set up a small area in your living room and ensure that during your study sessions, it’s quiet and distraction-free.

If you are the type of person who cannot stand studying in a silent room, then you can find smooth relaxing low fidelity (Lo-Fi) music to listen to, when reading.

Comfortable furniture

It is not just a matter of good grades, you also need to be in perfect health.

Choosing the right chair for the study will prevent backaches, which is very commonly associated with poor sitting position or chair.

The productivity world has now switched things up to expensive adjustable tables. This table works such that if you feel tired from the monotony of sitting in the same spot you can electronically lift your working desk to a standing position.

Sounds cool, but unless you are willing to break your bank, you should go with a simple traditional study table.

Warm and coziness

The same way no one wants to live in a cold house is the same way we all should not study from a cold room.

All these ties up with the concentration aspect of getting good grades.

If you study in a good, warm, and comfortable environment, you are likely to concentrate more, and the longer you can focus, the more you learn.

We don’t have to go further into how you warm your study room. Simple house radiators or room radiators can work.

If you want to grab yourself one you may have a look at Best Heating reviews to see whether it’s worth investing your money in one of their radiators.

If not, there are still a lot of options to choose from out there. You can also get one from a local electronics shop near you.

Lighting and Humidity

A good study place has a perfect reading lamp and a humidifier to moisten the air in your study room.

While the latter is optional, the former is a must-have especially in cases where there is less natural lighting.

When it comes to choosing the best lighting, I recommend you go with a warmer color rather than bright. This will depend on what you prefer.

You can get these from your local supermarket or if you are an online shopper like me, I would recommend that you first read some home appliances reviews before deciding to get one.

Reviews come in handy especially with electronics and lighting because it can be quite challenging to certain whether a product is functioning just from the look of it.

Clutter free

Moving forward, I also see the need to talk about how clutter affects our productivity.

Studies have shown that studying from a clutter-free study area helps you process more information and focus more on your work.

The scientific reasoning behind this is that our brains like order and disorganization drain our cognitive resources reducing our ability to focus.


Finally, I would like to finish off with the monotony of studying from one location.

Some people find it hard to focus from one location at all times and will see the need to relocate after a while.

This is okay as long as it is what helps you gain focus.

Having listed some of my tips on making your space ideal for studying, and the benefits of doing so, it only rests on you to put in the effort and ace your exams.