4 Benefits Of Online Learning For a Self-Learner

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The internet has a wealth of information. Digital information is enough to replace libraries.

You can either use this information to birth a career out of it or use it for entertainment and get nothing in return.

Ever since we began relying on the internet for educational materials, more and more people took the opportunity to escape the high financial demand in traditional education and get the information free from the internet.

The world has seen more professionals, good at what they do, emerge from a self-taught environment.

It is evident from the number of computer geniuses who came up with amazing digital products without holding a degree from any famous university.

Most of our websites have been created by self-taught web developers. This piece is going to focus on the benefits of online learning for a self-learner.

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1. Less costly and accessible

For those who may want to self teach themselves a particular course, one thing they have a huge advantage over formal education is, virtual learning is free.

The only requirement you must have before taking a solo learning journey is a good computer with fast and reliable internet.

Other particulars may be some reading materials, for instance, books or a subscription to an online learning library.

You will cut the cost of paying for admission fees, administration fees, course fees, and other types of charges that would apply when getting a formal education.

· Free courses

One way to self-teach yourself a particular course is by using free courses. The internet has many free courses supplied to you by different websites.

You may ask yourself, what is the essence of someone taking time to write down a full course and then give it away for free?

Well, it is more people to subscribe to your free course and then offer them purchasable materials or products to complement the course.

It can be, for example, you study a free web design course, from there, the owner of your free course may extend to you some purchasable software to help you in your journey to development.

When choosing a free course, take into account factors like the course content, a comparison between that free course and another, does that course allow you to advance and get certified?

2. Payable complementary courses/certification

If you chose to teach yourself a certain course, remember that you might require at some point to take a payable complementary course.

Take, for instance, you want to learn web development. You can teach yourself the basics but at some point in time, you might require to focus on a certain programming language. Say, JavaScript.

You can also learn all these for free but to find a job, you might have to take an exam or a certification.

Here, you have to make the right choice on what online course to take for reliable and quality certification.

To determine the best course for you, you may visit us-reviews.com, where you will find a list of online education courses.

Go through other people’s opinions and complaints on the institutions offering the course and gauge which option is the best for you.

3. Free educational documentaries

Another way you can self-learn in your profession is by watching educational documentaries.

There are many useful documentaries on the internet that have been carefully written and recorded to help you gain more insights into whatever course you are taking.

The same way documentaries are used in class to teach students is the same way you should rely on them to give you additional information on whatever you are learning.

Jessie Daniels comments that learning through the use of documentaries is an effective strategy for teaching and learning.

4. You get thousands of tutorials to guide you.

Part of learning is listening to someone else teach you. While you don’t get the usual teacher-student interaction, you can still gain the same outcome by watching and listening to someone else say it for free.

People have used platforms like YouTube to share content and information for free. Combining written information and tutorial samples may enable you to get a better understanding of what you are learning.

For someone learning computer science, learning from tutorials will aid in developing projects.


Regardless of whatever course choice you choose, remember that no success comes without Self-discipline.

You will need to put in extra effort considering you shall not have a teacher to continuously test you. You are your teacher and student.