3 Sentence Structures for a Band 7+ on Writing Task 1 Comparing Numbers

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This is perhaps the scariest stress with regards to IELTS. There are a number of students who go through all the language structure books, doing every one of the activities, going through hours, attempting to retain each English grammar rule present. But that doesn’t assist them with writing or talk in a better way. So, get your worries away from you as you are going to get some tips here or you may also join IELTS preparation in Dubai for better results.

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What are you evaluated on?

When it comes to the grading system for the IELTS test, you are really reviewed on four things when it comes to writing, Task Achievement/Task Response, Coherence/Cohesion, Grammar, and Vocabulary and all four of them are equally important. Furthermore, and here’s the most satisfying thing, you don’t have to know the proper grammar skills to get a high score right now.

Indeed, even at band score 9, the description says that there are minor blunders present even now like the ‘slips’ that a local speaker would make. The band score 7 notes that there will even now be a few blunders present in the composition. We recommend an IELTS preparation in Dubai for the better score.

What do Examiners are Concerned about?

This is again important to know what do the examiners actually care about most since they don’t anticipate a perfect grammar from any of the student taking the test. Their concern is the Sentence structure. There are many sentence structures and the know-how of these structures makes the difference in achieving the grades for you. You will easily get the 6 or higher for your language score and you can join the IELTS Training center in Dubai for better preparation of the test.

If you already have taken the test, you may know that in Writing Task 1, the table, chart or the graph is given, and you have to write on it. You should have the option to pick the most significant numbers you see and look at them in your reaction. Many institutes take the classes for IELTS preparation in Dubai, you may also join them.

There are really two sorts of “number questions” including the Change Over Time (typically a line diagram, demonstrating how numbers change after some time, for example, The Number of Industries from 1990-2005), or Static (frequently a table or bar outline, indicating numbers for one point in time, for example, People with Full-time Work in European City, 2017).

The Sentence structures you should Adopt:

The following are three high-level sentence structures with examples along with them.

  1. As/While A verb, B verb (simultaneously). [linking words]
  • Change Over Time example: While the number of industries in Turkey expanded to 100,000 of every 2006, the amount in Taiwan plunged to 1,000 simultaneously.
  • Static Example: As the number of females in half-day remained at 300 of every 2017, the measure of working guys remained at 500.
  1. In Comparison to A, which verb, a B verb. [relative clauses]
  • COT Example: In contrast to the number of industries in Turkey, which saw an expansion to 100,000 out of 2008, the amount in Taiwan dove to 1,000 right now.
  • Static Example: In comparison to the number of females in half-day work, which remained at 300 of every 2018, the measure of working guys remained at 500.
  1. An action word, v-ing, (which verb). [adjective clause + relative clause]
  • COT Example: The number of industries in Turkey saw an expansion to 100,000 of every 2010, surpassing the amount in Taiwan, which had just 1,000.
  • Static example: The number of males in half-day arrived at 500 of every 2014, showing a higher number than the various classifications given.

As should be obvious, the sentences most importantly contain numbers, which you should have so as to get a 6 or higher in Task Achievement. In addition, they all utilize elevated level jargon, most without a doubt procuring an 8 or 9 in that classification. If you follow the tips, you may skip the IELTS Training center in Dubai but if you think you won’t cover it all, you should join the institute.

What would it be a good idea for you to do straightaway?

To be obvious is to practice these structures to get a grade or you may join the IELTS preparation course in Dubai. Get some IELTS sample test questions, and work on utilizing these sentence structures to portray the significant numbers you see on the diagrams and graphs. Read the business or account section in the paper for all the more significant level sentence structures and jargon to portray numbers. If you need more tips, systems, and IELTS data, it would be ideal if you can join the IELTS Training center in Dubai. Remember that IELTS is certainly a difficult test, yet it’s possible to pass!