Really Fix Higher Education

One member of our think tank told me not to be na├»ve, no matter what you do; “The system is not likely to change anytime soon.” Well, if that is the case, then we don’t need it. I can learn more online, faster and well enough without the $50,000 college debt, thank you very much, and I don’t have to go into economic enslavement to do it either. My think tank acquaintance agreed and told me:

I know, and that is the unfortunate point. The students of those professors who could not care less are the ones who pay the price in terms of wasting their time, tuition money, etc. Students might choose other profs (dedicated profs) classes, but their classes would tend to fill up fast, so that always some students will have no other option but to register for the terrible tenured professors’ course, in a given quarter or semester. So many students have expressed their disdain online and offline over the conduct and less than professional behavior of many of these “tenured” profs, and this will sadly, continue to be the case year after year… unless the system is overhauled, which again, is not likely to happen anytime soon, if ever. This is also unfair to the outstanding profs, because there are only so many spots open for tenured positions at a given institution, and that means that many of the best profs will likely be overlooked because some of the spots are already taken by the less than dedicated professors–I have known many professors in this unfortunate position. So I think that the most viable solution is to just get rid of the whole tenure system entirely–not that I think our society will go for it. But it is still the best way. Keep the good, highly productive, very dedicated ones, and fire the bad ones that exemplify none of that when they are on the job.

And mind you these comments above are coming from an academic insider, see, I told you academia is messed up. The kids are not that bright, I expect more – timid little creatures, not much ‘thinking’ going on, lots of memorizing. Sorry, I am not okay with academia. It’s not good enough, and all the reforms I’ve heard postulated won’t be enough either, runaway costs, it’s not working – just saying. So now what, how do we fix it? Well academia is about to get a new huge shot of financial support from the US government in the arm, but judging by what happened when our government entered the healthcare sector with ObamaCare, this new beginning could be the beginning of the end. Think on that.